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Dear smallbatch,

I first started recommending fresh food diets for my animal patients in 2007. Clients and pets immediately recognized the health benefits whether we were treating arthritis or skin diseases. Unfortunately, many clients lacked the time to prepare healthy, balanced meals for their pets and this was a concern.

Smallbatch was the answer!

Complete and balanced, fresh and local, with a variety of meat options, Smallbatch makes feeding your pet FRESH, HEALTHY, FOOD convenient and economical. Now I can truly recommend, as a former health professional once did…

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

Nancy Martin, DVM, CVA
East Meets West Veterinary Service

Dear smallbatch,

I just want to tell you how much I love you and your food. I started my dog on smallbatch when he was 6 months old and the change has been amazing! I had been looking into raw food for a while and then my dog stopped eating his kibble all together so I took the plunge. Firstly, he stopped shedding, which is super awesome. He also stopped twisting his stupid puppy ankles wrists knees and elbows, and puppy anti inflamatories are not cheap...His poop doesn't even smell bad anymore! His wrestling matches with my boyfriend last 15 minutes longer. Smallbatch has not stopped his mailman aggression but I never had high hopes for that anyways. SO we just wanted to say thanks.

Lots of licks from Dieter Von Poopenwolf, the black german shepherd and Emily!

Baloo (left) and Ellie (right) loves Smallbatch! They have so much more energy with their raw food!

- Ashley

“Hi! My name is Ziggy and I’m nearly 8 years old. I’m a very active Australian Shepherd and I compete in dog agility with my companion Gerri. We LOVE agility and together we’ve earned some pretty cool titles (really just a bunch of letters that go after my name). Next to agility I LOVE me some Smallbatch raw food!!! Gerri likes Smallbatch too because it’s it smells SOOOO fresh but mostly I think she serves it to me in my silver bowl (well stainless steel is like silver...right?) because she knows that Smallbatch uses ingredients that are good for me—like organic veggies and free range grass fed meats that are locally sourced and sustainable! OMG I’m a very smart aussie dog but even I’m amazed that the company is so conscientious! Oh and other amazing things that you get when you eat Smallbatch raw food—very white teeth and very small poop! I KNOW it’s amazing huh!? Thank you for letting me tell everyone how much I love your food and for showing everyone how handsome I am.

Hugs and licks,

(oh…because I don’t have thumbs I can’t type so my companion Gerri typed this but the sentiment is ALL MINE)”

“Hi... My friend Molly (Molly Mutt) brought home two containers of food for my 13 year old dog Fanny last week. Fanny is suffering from a tumor in her bladder and has been having a hard time keeping food down. Since switching to your food, Fan has her huge appetite back and is keeping her food down. Even the Dr. said Fan’s tests look so much better. Your food has changed our lives. I can’t thank you enough!!”

- Amy N.

“We LOVE smallbatch! I used to make Ruby’s food myself with cobbled together raw ingredients I could find in supermarket. She did well on it but I was never sure if it might be missing something important for her diet.

Enter smallbatch. Their food is fantastic! Ruby loves it! smallbatch and their food stand for everything I stand for. It’s organic. It’s local. It’s made with love and care! I’m so glad I can get my dog this kind of healthy, high quality food. I feel sure now that Ruby is getting a complete diet and it keeps her going strong at 11 and beyond.”

- Laura and Ruby

“We as a family of 5, that is 2 humans, 2 felines (ages 16 and 1) and 1 canine or should we say Pug (age 6) all feel SO good and grateful for the perfectly beautiful and delicious food we get from smallbatch. We feel really great about taking care of the planet, which give us and sustains our life, through our food choices. Our animals are healthy, bright, grounded, alert, happy and deeply satisfied which we greatly attribute to their food. There is a profound natural medicine for health in smallbatch’s products and we thank you SO much for the work you do here on the planet for all of us.”

With smiles
- Jack, Rod, Gravey, Jamali, and Roscoe

“smallbatch is a life saver! David and Diana consistently help us create an allergy blend for our dog Roxie that her stomach tolerates and also satisfies her palette. The quality of the meat and the user friendly packaging made it easy to switch to a raw food diet.

David or Diana responds to our food requests right away and offer valuable insight in how to maintain and improve Roxie’s overall health. We consider smallbatch to be an instrumental part of our holistic
dog care.”

- Staci Boden and Alex Gologorsky

“I have been a customer of David’s and smallbatch since their inception and I feel absolutely blessed that he has started this business. I want the best food for my felines (I have five) - it keeps them healthy and happy. Two are 15 and in fantastic shape - all have great teeth, beautiful fur and are in wonderful health. Thank you David for the care and love you put into the food you provide!”

- Peggy

I’ve been a smallbatch customer since the beginning of the company. One of my pets, Tasha had IBS and could only eat a raw diet, and ever since being on the diet, she and her sister Misha have been the healthiest kitties ever. Their fur is supple and shiny, a sign of great health, and they have great report cards from their vets. David and Diana constantly are innovating to make their food even better and healthier for their clients, and that is really a dedication that we all benefit from. Thanks for making my cats happy and healthy!”

- Kimberly C.

“I have tried several types of raw food but my two Bostons react to this formula like no other. Also, it has a feature I like - it makes them eat it slower. Please get this product out in all the pet stores so that people can see the reaction that the dogs have to it and also the pricing is reasonable compared to others. I would like to add that the color of the food really shows the herbal and vegative matter and that really speaks to ‘raw’ and it is all good. The small batches also allows you to thaw the amount you need with out refreezing in plastic bags (which are not green), and stops freezer burn from happening which I think may diminish the nutrients. But the beauty is how slow they are forced to take in the food because of the texture. I don’t know if that makes me feel better or them but I just hate seeing them inhale the other products or any food for that matter. Good stuff for sure and I have two thawing in the fridge right now.”

ciao, Thomasina

We used to feed our dogs raw food from a well-known pet store in the Castro, but our dogs stopped liking it when the manufacturer changes. We managed to track down David, the original manufacturer. Now our dogs don’t so much as eat the smallbatch food, they devour it. It keeps better in our fridge and our 2 Westies feel spoiled once again.”

- Dror and Lulu

“Sunny has been eating raw food since we got her from the pound as a 12 week old puppy. She’s got loads of energy and a very happy disposition.

Her coat is lustrous. She gets an amazing amount of compliments from random people who are
attracted by her joyfulness and good looks. We’re sure some of this has to do with her food.”

- Dina and Auryn

“When we rescued Schatzi, she was quite underweight and her coat was dull and lifeless. I find it interesting how as we have slowly introduced smallbatch into her diet, she is starting to develop a taste for other healthy things: fruit, vegetables, nuts - whereas before, she ignored anything that wasn’t kibble or packaged treats. Sunny loves eating all of those healthy things. To me, this seems like a logical proof to the ‘raw diet theory’.

Schatzi has since filled out, her coat is luxuriously thick, even her nails seem denser and more vital. She’s growing up into Sunny’s big little sister!”

- Auryn, Dina, Schatzi & Sunny

“Mom has had me try a few of the raw diets out there, from the west coast to the east and back again, and let me tell you smallbatch is where it’s at! I got bored with the other diets, there were times where I wouldn’t eat for days because I am your standard particular pooch and I like change, but the catch was trying some of the other flavors besides the chicken made my tummy so mad! Mom also didn’t like being up all night taking my sick little self out so whats a boy to do?

I’ve been on smallbatch for several months now and I try all the flavors! I eat them all up without any belly problems, which mom is so happy about. I am a happy healthy little man who loves the food, the people and the concept of smallbatch! You guys are great!!!”

- The Dew-meister

“I have 2 small dogs that thrive on smallbatch. It’s a pleasure doing business with David and Diana. I know that only the finest ingredients are used and that a dash of love goes into each batch! smallbatch makes my babies healthy and energetic and I will continue to keep them on their smallbatch diets.”

- Julie M

“Our kitty Tatiana has thrived on a raw food diet prepared by David since she came to us as an abandoned baby 5 years ago. She enjoys a variety of smallbatch snd we know that only the finest organic ingredients are used to create each and every recipe. We are so thankful she doesn’t have to
eat junk commercial/food.”

Sincerely - Lindsey & Mary Ann

“Our pug loves his smallbatch raw food and so do we. We feel good about feeding it to him because we know smallbatch uses high-quality, natural ingredients, many of which are locally produced.

It’s the healthiest way to feed our dog and we also like supporting a local, small business - not to mention we think David and Diana are fantastic!”

- Catherine & Daniel

“Dear smallbatch:
My Boston Terrier had problems digesting “normal” processed dog foods from the moment we brought him home from the breeder. My wife and I tried multiple different kinds of over-the-counter dog foods, but none of them seemed suitable for our dog until we found smallbatch’s natural, raw food formulas. Since switching to smallbatch, our dog has exhibited more energy, a better temperment, and more regular digestion. I attribute much of our dog’s good health and behavior to the quality, natural, locally produced ingredients used by smallbatch in their pet food formulas, and I would recommend these products to any pet owner. You don’t know how good and healthy your pet can be until you feed him/her quality food. After all, we are what we eat.”

Sincerely - John Mikulin

“smallbatch’s food is so fresh and smells so good that I often find myself wanting to try some! If only our dog Almond was willing to share...”

- Christina of Kika’s Treats

“So, it turns out that my owners make amazing food for furry ones. I have been on this food they make since I was 8 weeks old as a hungry, feral kitty right off the streets and into their home. I am told by all that meet me that I’m the most social, stunning, ‘dog like’ feline ever...whatever that means! I attribute my excellent health, appearance, and demeanor to all the love, joy, and fun put into every smallbatch meal I have ever had, and I’ve had them all. But, then again I am biased. To all the pups and kitties out there, Enjoy!”

- Blue (the original smallbatch pet)