smallbatch benefits
for dogs

Why a raw-diet?

You’ll never hear a dog say bless you. or gesundheit, for that matter. That’s because dogs don’t have manners (or the ability to pronounce words). As much as we’d like them to be able to talk (it would make a vet’s job a lot easier), or to really understand us when we say “do you have to potty?” dogs operate on a completely different level than humans. And, yet our Spike’s, Paco’s, and Fluffy’s are part of the family, they’re our best friends and, at times, it seems the only that truly understand us. It makes sense, then, that we want to give them the healthiest, happiest, longest life we can.

Welcome to smallbatch!

Did you know that despite years of domestication dogs still have a lot in common with their cousin the wolf? They have incisor teeth, perfect for ripping through flesh and tearing meat off a bone. They also have a short-large intestine. Indeed, a dog’s large intestine is actually quite short. This lets them consume large amounts of bacteria and digest it without suffering any negative effects. The point is: dogs are anatomically built to eat it, they crave it. The nutrients in raw meat and vegetables (that get cooked out of processed foods) are good for Spike. The difference really shows in their appearance and over-all health, shiny coat, goop-less eyes, and clean teeth. Studies even show that animals fed a raw-food diet have a much smaller chance of suffering from diseases like cancer or diabetes.

Need more benefits?

Healthy Immune System

Pets that eat a raw food diet have a greater resistance to viruses, bacteria and parasites and have increased overall vitality.


Raw foods contain more bio-available components which means you’ll pick-up firmer, smaller, less-stinky stools (yeah, it’s a good thing!)

Healthier skin
& coat

Pets fed a raw diet have soft, shiny fur. Reduced shedding and less hairballs for cats… rejoice!

Healthier teeth
& gums

Raw bones are nature’s toothbrush.

Healthier digestive

Natural enzymes in raw food help aid digestion.