Product Spotlight : Jerky Treats!

Small Batch PetsRecently, there have been numerous reports of U.S. manufactured jerky treats to Fanconi disease in dogs, a kidney problem that was previously correlated with ingredients sourced from China. We wanted to take this opportunity to assure you that, like our food, no ingredient is ever imported from China. At smallb​atch,​we strive to be transparent, honest and responsible. We know you are entrusting us with the health and wellbeing of your furkids and there is no cutting corners!

Quality and ethical sourcing

Our jerky treats come in four flavors: beef heart, beef liver, chicken breast and turkey breast. Not only are they sourced in the U.S. exclusively, all four ingredients are grown & raised in our very own golden state! Better yet, they are all human-grade ingredients! (yes we’ve all tasted our own jerky treats though we do not think you should be eating all your furkids’ treats.)

We make sure that these local farms only raise humanely raised
meats with no added hormones or antibiotics E​VER!​ While we
strive to use organic whenever possible, you can still have organic meats that are caged or inhumane, the quality of the animal’s life is first and foremost. Yay for happy cows!

While many other companies may subsidize with other sources when in a pinch–think thanksgiving time when turkeys are a hot commodity–we never sacrifice​QUALITY​in order to fill orders. We definitely believe that if it’s not good enough for you, why should it be in your pet’s food?

How our jerky is made differently

Traditionally, jerky treats on the market are done by two methods: extrusion or the chopped & formed method. Similar to the process of how particleboard is made, where the raw material is ground up, pressed and then formed back together. Well, we always wondered why use chicken by-product or other parts of the chicken, grind them up, just to put it back together to make it look like a chicken breast, when you could (and should!) just use the real deal?

You may notice that with each bag of smallb​atch​jerky you buy, the size and thickness can vary. That is because each and every single piece is hand sliced in a USDA human food facility from the breast meat itself or the beef liver/heart. Your pet’s treat is held to the same standard as the food we eat. And in our opinion, that’s the way it should be!

Simplicity is the way to go 

Because dehydration is one of the oldest method of food preservation, we see no need to add any extra salt, sugar, preservatives, fillers or additives. You will find that the texture between our four treats are quite different from one another. We hear that our beef heart jerky make a nice longer lasting chew, whereas the beef liver is a great easy on-the-go, snap treat. Turkey & chicken, while easily broken, are a nice thick meaty crunch of goodness for our little carnivores.

Just make sure to store your open bag in a cool, dry place and not in your hot car or direct sunlight! Remember, heat and moisture are mold’s best friends.

We know you have many options to pick from for your furry kid, so from our smallbatch family to yours, we thank you for trying our product.