how to feed


Thaw out desired number of sliders or patties. Don’t forget to do that ahead! Feed only when completely thawed, never feed frozen food to your pet as this will be very hard for your pet to digest. Also, do not microwave smallbatch as it will cause your product to lose most of the nutritional benefits for your pet.

Give a designated amount to your pet, follow the amounts provided by the chart below. It is suggested that you feed our pet between 2-3% of their body weight. Feed them 2% if they need to lose weight or 3% if they are in good shape. For puppies, kittens, nursing mothers, or if they endure rigorous activity and exercise, feed them 4-5% of their body weight. Based on 2.5% of body weight.

*Keep in mind that these are recommendations. Things to consider: age, level of activity, health, metabolism etc. These all play a part in the necessary feeding quantities of your pet. Monitor your pet’s dietary needs and adjust accordingly.