How to Transition to Raw

It is important to make a transition from one food to another, It is also important to remember that smallbatch is raw food; it cannot be left out like kibble, no grazing. Practice safe food-handling protocol. Wash your hands and any utensils or surfaces that come in contact with raw food with hot water and soap.

Day 1:
Replace 1 oz. (or 2 tbls) with 1 oz. of smallbatch

Day 2:
Replace 2 oz. (or 4 tbls) with 2 oz. of smallbatch

Day 3:
replace 3 oz. (or 6 tbls) with 3 oz. of smallbatch

Day 4:
replace 4 oz. (or 8 tbls) with 4 oz. of smallbatch

Day 5:
replace 5 oz. (or 10 tbls) with 5 oz. of smallbatch

Day 6:
replace 6 oz. (or 12 tbls) with 6 oz. of smallbatch

During the entire transition period, it is important to the well-being of your animal to remain patient and resist the urge to diverge from the transition program. Give your animal lots of love and attention.Take extra care to monitor your companion, making sure that their behavioral patterns and stool are normal.The process will vary with each pet as each one is different and can have different reactions.

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